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National-Level Certifications

The national-level certifications are facilitated on a national basis and require a greater depth of knowledge and proficiency than the local-level certifications. Successful members are competent, all-around equestrians. These members are actively contributing to Pony Club by participating in a variety of Pony Club activities. Members who hold a national certification are also thoughtful leaders who set an example for all future equestrians.

Members are tested by USPC National Examiners, who have apprenticed and demonstrated their understanding of Pony Club programs, goals, and the Standards of Proficiency. National-level tests are held throughout the country, with the summer months being the most popular. Pony Club members who would like to continue to the top levels of riding are offered tracks in Eventing, Dressage, and Show Jumping. Members who choose to follow Horse Management (HM) to the highest levels offered can do so in the Horse Management track.

The H-B Level (HM Only)

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The H-B certification emphasizes Horse Management knowledge and skills that demonstrate an increased awareness, education, and competence in the care and handling of horses and in teaching the same skills to others. It reflects the theory and study, as well as the practical aspects, of unmounted Horse Management. The depth of knowledge is comparable to a high-school curriculum. The minimum age for the H-B certification is 13 years old.

The C-3 Level

The C-3 certification reflects a basis of competence in riding, ground schooling, and horse care that will make possible a lifetime of pleasure with horses. This certification has both demonstration and discussion components. It is the first of the riding certifications to evaluate a member’s ability to seamlessly transfer their riding skills from their own horse to an unfamiliar horse.

The B Level

The B certification is for active Pony Club members who are interested in acquiring further knowledge and proficiency in riding. The B candidate is able to ride experienced mounts, both their own and others, with confidence and control. The B should be able to ride and care for another person’s experienced mount, maintaining proper mental and physical condition without undoing any of the mount’s education.

The H-A Level (HM Only)

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The H-A certification requires the knowledge, experience, and maturity to evaluate and care for a mount's needs efficiently and in a variety of circumstances. This certification uses methods to competently ground train horses and to teach riding and horse care to others. It reflects the theory and study as well as the practical aspects of unmounted Horse Management. The depth of knowledge is comparable to a college curriculum. The minimum age for the H-A certification is 16 years old.

The A Level

The A certification is the highest riding certification available to USPC members. The A is able to ride mounts at various levels of schooling with judgment, tact, and effectiveness; to train young mounts; and to retrain spoiled mounts. The A understands and demonstrates a variety of training techniques and discusses their training techniques as a trainer.