Distance Riding

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Distance riding is a sport where speed and stamina win the race. Most races occur anywhere from 25 miles to over 100 miles long all ridden in one day. Terrain is varied from mountainous to desert and everything in between. At a competition, riders are required to stop periodically along an assigned route to pass a veterinary check that deems the horse in good health and fitness to continue.

Distance Riding in Pony Club

Distance Riding is a resource discipline in Pony Club.

In Pony Club, the sport of Distance Riding encompasses both Endurance racing and Competitive Trail riding. When participating in distance riding members learn to care for and condition themselves and their horses for a test of determination and stamina. In both Endurance and Competitive trail rides the winning horse is the first one to cross the finish line in the best health and fitness. Competitors in both types of competition are required to pass vet checks throughout the course to be allowed to continue. The difference between the two is how the final result is achieved. In an Endurance race, the first horse to cross the finish wins. Competitive Trail rides are won based on a combined score of time on course as well as quickest heart rate recovery.