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Since prior to the Industrial Revolution the horse and buggy have represented the primary mode for both public and private transportation. It is no surprise that driving has established itself as one of the oldest and most popular sports within competitive equestrian disciplines. The sport of Driving includes several different variations; Combined Driving which is similar to 3-day Eventing, Carriage Pleasure Driving, that has several different types including, turnout, and obstacle classes, and recreational driving that does not have a competition component.

Driving in Pony Club

Driving is a Resource Discipline in Pony Club.

In Pony Club, the sport of Driving is fairly new. Members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of horse care and maintenance as well as maintenance of harness and carriage. While not yet a competitive discipline, driving is gaining popularity for members at the local levels who enjoy working with horses in a different capacity. Driving is not limited to horses alone, as ponies, miniature horses, donkeys, and mules make great driving prospects as well. USPC is devoted to the safety of our members and their equine partners. Driving is a fun, safe way for individuals to try out the horse world without ever having to sit astride.