Mounted Games

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Mounted Games were originally the idea of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, as a way to encourage enthusiasm, participation, and training in younger riders without the need of expensive ponies. A natural draw to all levels of riding abilities, Mounted Games provide a fun sport that teaches the basic natural aids, physical coordination, self-confidence, and teamwork skills. It also fosters sportsmanship and the proper care of mounts in new and younger members.

Mounted Games in Pony Club

Mounted Games provides members of all ages and ability with a fun, fast-paced activity that teaches riding skills in an exciting and teamwork-driven environment. Members compete on teams of four or five riders and have several opportunities to compete both nationally and internationally.

Invitationals such as the Prince Philip Cup and President's Cup are popular among many riders, along with the International Mounted Games Exchange. Member can have a cultural experience with a competitive edge with other Pony Club members from around the globe.


Mounted Games competitions are comprised of several relay-style races requiring riders to pick up objects from the ground while remaining in the saddle, weave through a series of poles at high speeds, hand items off to teammates without slowing their mounts, and dunking objects into buckets (sometimes at a gallop!). Teams are made up of two to five riders of the same skill level.

Ponies are the preferred mount of choice for games as their shorter stature make several of the races much easier to play. Mounts can be used but are much harder for riders to reach the ground from while remaining in the saddle and can be more difficult to mount/dismount at faster paces than a walk or standstill.

Riders of any skill level and ability can compete in Mounted Games, with beginners usually competing at the Walk-Trot level.