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Polo teaches skills such as hand-eye coordination, communication skills, diplomacy, and teamwork through a fast-paced and fun environment. Teammates work together to move the ball down the field and navigate through the opposing team’s players. Members learn to work as a group and communicate effectively. Good sportsmanship is always emphasized, with team members penalized for rough play, and handshakes are always exchanged at the end of the match.

Polo in Pony Club

Polo is a Resource Discipline in Pony Club.

In Pony Club, polo teams consist of three riders and a Stable Manager. Matches are played much like any other polo competition. Members may compete in polo rallies, starting at the Novice level before moving up to Intermediate and then on to Advanced. Pony Club members are encouraged to compete in polo matches outside of Pony Club at the local and regional level as well. Pony Club regions may host polo rallies but this discipline in not currently offered at the national championships. Many regions of Pony Club host polo clinics in conjunction with the United States Polo Association as an introduction to the game and a way for members to practice.