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The mission of Quiz is to promote a deep understanding and familiarity with the material presented at each certification level. Quiz is a fundamental and creative learning tool. Many aspects of Pony Club mounted rallies can be learned at the Quiz Rally. This rally, besides challenging Pony Club members to learn horsemanship and horse care, provides them with opportunities to display and learn good sportsmanship, leadership, stewardship, and teamwork as they prepare thoroughly, plan and cooperate with their teammates, and take winning or losing in stride.

Quiz in Pony Club

Pony Club provides many opportunities for members who excel at Quiz to participate on the international stage with International Exchanges. Quiz is the only discipline in Pony Club where a member does not need a horse to compete. It is purely based on knowledge of horses and of the Pony Club disciplines. Quiz fosters teamwork and is competitive but comfortable, comfortable but challenging, challenging but rigorous, rigorous but flexible, flexible but efficient, and efficient but educational while promoting creativity and FUN.


In an effort to make Quiz more interactive and therefore more fun, there are five phases. These are Classroom, Stations, Mega Room, Barn, and Written Test.

In the Classroom phase, members are asked individual questions which they must answer orally in a specific amount of time.

During the Stations phase, teams move through a variety of ‘stations’ and answer questions at those stations as a team. The stations may be written, hands-on, or even games.

The Mega-Room phase is comprised of tables with horse-related items displayed on them, competitors identify items by matching them with an answer sheet. Competitors compete individually in Mega-Room and scores are totaled for their team.

Teams then move on to the Barn phase, which is presented in a barn, or barn-like, setting. Members must be able to demonstrate something and many questions are hands-on. Each member is given an individual question before the team as a whole is given one.

The final phase of Quiz is the Written Test. This is an individual, multiple choice test each team member must complete. They are specific to the member’s certification and include a tie-breaker question at the end.