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Tetrathlon requires sound horsemanship and athletic ability. Its goal is to encourage Pony Club members to broaden their interest in riding and multiple sports. Tetrathlon has four phases: running, riding, shooting, and swimming.

Tetrathlon in Pony Club

In Pony Club, Tetrathlon is used as a proving ground for young athletes wishing to go on to compete in Modern Pentathlon. Members who excel in Tetrathlon may also be selected to participate in Pony Club’s International Tetrathlon Exchange. It is not only an opportunity to compete on the international stage but a great way to be an ambassador for Pony Club as a leader and team member. Pony Club also offers many other awards for members who do well in Tetrathlon.


Tetrathlon competitions are comprised of four phases: the running phase, shooting phase, swimming phase, and the riding phase. A competitor’s combined scores in all four phases determines their overall placing in the competition.

The running phase challenges each competitor’s physical stamina and endurance over cross country terrain and may include negotiating obstacles such as hay bales, logs, and low fences.

The shooting phase tests a competitor’s skill and accuracy in a standing position, using an air pistol on a 10-meter course of fire. Any type of CO2 air pistol which does not exceed the specifications outlined in the Tetrathlon Rulebook is permitted.

The swimming phase allows competitors to demonstrate their swimming skills over a course length in meters or yards.

The riding phase of competition provides an opportunity for the rider and mount to demonstrate equestrian skills over a predefined, stadium jumping type course. Courses are designed as stadium, cross-country, or a combination of both, where the course incorporates stadium fixtures as well as natural terrain.