Need to Make a Change in your Region's Information?

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

If the EIN listed on your region's record is not correct, please email or mail the Member Services Department the correct number and attach/include a copy of the IRS letter designating the correct number.

Charitable Registration

Some states require each club and region operating in their state to register with the Secretary of State's Office in order to accept any charitable donations. The National Office is facilitating these registrations. Once registrations are completed, the state-assigned number, or, if no number is assigned, the word "registered," will be entered by the National Office into the club or region's record.

If you have any questions regarding your region's Charitable Registration, please contact the Charitable Compliance Coordinator.

Changes in a Region's Geographic Area

Regions do not have a declared territory, nor is the area of region defined by state lines or highways or even geographical landmarks. A region is made up by the clubs and centers within that region. Clubs may have a shift in the territory in which their membership lives and therefore their location of activities also moves.

Those clubs and centers on the border between two regions, may stretch the boundaries of your region. If a club or center finds that they are participating more with a bordering region, they may request to change regions, which again may redefine your regional lines.

Pony Club is a living organization and regions are expected to work together to best serve each member.

Have another question? Please contact the Regional Administration Department.