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Local Examiner Resources

Progression through the Pony Club certifications starts at the local level. Clubs and centers offer mounted and unmounted meetings where members are taught the Standards of Proficiency (SOP). Each member progresses in their skills and knowledge at a pace appropriate for them. Members set their own certification goals. This page provides local-level examiners and leaders with resources to facilitate a successful certification for their members at the club and center level.

Certification Administration

Certification Terms and Definitions

This document explains some of the terminology found in the Standards of Proficiency (SOPs) to help leaders, instructors, members, and parents better understand the expectations outlined therein.

Read the Definitions

Certification Checklist for Examiners

Examiners, use this checklist to help you and the organizer be prepared for testing day.

Guidelines to Testing D-1 through C-2 Certifications

This document guides Test Organizers through the steps involved in organizing a local level test.

Read the Guidelines

Standards of Proficiency, Test Sheets, and Recommended Courses

The USPC Standards of Proficiency (SOPs), test sheets, and recommended jumping courses for all certifications are available for download using the link below.

Access the SOPs, Test Sheets, & Recommended Courses

Awarding Certificates of Certification

Local examiners and leaders can purchase Certificates of Certification (for both Clubs and Centers) from Shop Pony Club to award after successful completion of a certification.

Purchase the Certificates