Committee Member Resources

Pony Club is a volunteer-based organization, from parents and local leaders, to regional officers, to the Board of Governors, volunteers make Pony Club happen. The USPC Board makes decisions based on the work and recommendations of established Committees. It is our committees that make the many national opportunities happen for our members each year—Championships in all disciplines, the Visiting Instructors Program, International Exchanges, National Youth Congress, and many more.

From Resolution #9 of the USPC Board of Governors:
All Committees work in collaboration with and act on matters at the request of the President and Board of Governors, collaborate with other Standing Committees and the Executive Director as directed or warranted, and with the Directors and staff at the National Office as warranted and in consultation with the Executive Director.

Committee Descriptions

The Board of Governors and its committees are defined in the USPC By-Laws (National By-Laws, Article 6) and through established policies found in the USPC National Policies & Resolution - National Organization & Administration section (1000 - 2000).

  • Resolution #9 - Standing Committees of the Board of Governors
  • Read more on the USPC By-Laws here.
  • Read more on the USPC National Policies & Resolutions here.

Information and the duties of the Activities and Instruction Councils, along with each of their committees, can also be found in the USPC National Policies & Resolutions.

The duties of the Activities Council and each of its committees may be found here: Resolution #10 - Activities Council and Committees.

The duties of the Instruction Council and each of its committees may be found here: Resolution #11 - Instruction Council and Committees.

Additional Documents & Resources

  • Structure of USPC and the Board of Governors
  • National Office Organizational Chart
  • USPC Organizational Cycle

Requirements & Training Modules

In accordance with USPC Policy 0900 and its Procedures, "USPC requires satisfactory completion of USPC-approved background checks and of USPC-designated educational training modules of individuals specified in the procedures. These must be completed prior to these individuals assuming positions or beginning specified membership terms."

Hold an Annual or Life Corporate Membership

A Corporate Membership with USPC is required for all Board and National Committee Members. This may be an Annual Corporate Membership, paid yearly, or a Life Corporate Membership.

Complete a Favorable Background Check

USPC requires the completion or renewal of a background check every three (3) years. If you have already completed a favorable USPC background check for another position or membership, and it has not expired, no additional background check is needed.

Complete Additional Training Modules

USPC requires the completion of the training modules listed below. If you have already completed these modules for another position or membership, and submitted the results to the USPC Compliance Department, no additional actions are required.